Data Center & Cloud

Many enterprises are moving out from the traditional server-based cost model to an application-based cost model because several applications can have their own virtual instance running on a single server and some are moving into the world of cloud.

Now more than ever, awareness and adoption of open virtualization solutions is on the rise & open source technologies can give your business a competitive advantage and better ROI.

KVM and Xen are the two main open source hypervisors that provides enterprise-class performance, scalability and security to run Windows and Linux workloads. It provides organizations a cost-effective alternative to other x86 hypervisors, and enables a lower-cost, more scalable, and compatible with all the server hardware.

Reason to Virtualize:

  • Cost and Time saving
  • Fully utilization of hardware investment
  • Increased Availability
  • Lower the admin cost
  • Green computing

What Fossmart offers:

  • OS Level virtualization (Redhat or SUSE Linux)
  • Physical to Virtual migration
  • Virtual to Physical migration
  • Virtual to Virtual migration
  • Server Consolidation

Other than of what mentioned in the above, Fosssmart also offers the following using open source technologies:

  • High Availability and Load balancing clusters
  • Redundancy Solutions (Disaster Recovery)