FOSSMART Collaboration Suite

Fossmart Email Collaboration suite is a combination of best of breed open source email tools to provide the collaborative tasks for the email and groupware functions. This all-in-one solution will eliminate your frustrations complexities and budgetary issues.

Collaborative Tool Set

Experience the Desktop like client feeling with totally integrated personal organizer. Your contacts, appointments, tasks and many more in one suit.

  Built-in Email Security

Tightly integrated with Fossmart Mail Guardian (FMG) for a comprehensive email spam, antivirus and email security and quarantine management system. Rich with email Access Control List system that will complement your corporate email security policy.

Centralized Administration

Centralized database with the ability to integrate with the existing infrastructure such as Active Directory (AD), E-directory, and Redhat Directory Server etc…

  Ease of Scalability

Enabling geographically segregated mail administration which will control unwanted traffic coming to the centralized system.

Open and Industry Standards

By adhering to industrial standards, collaboration suit gives you the privilege of freedom of movement with more than one vendor.

  Modular Architecture

Collaboration suite’s Modular Architecture is very flexible and pluggable that user does not get bored with the interface. So why stick into one look and feel when you have the total control over changing your plugins the way you want.