FOSSMART Mail Guardian (FMG)

Does spam mails and viruses waste a lot of time and energy?

Fossmart Mail Gaurdian Provides you with the ideal mail solution. It protects your mail from spam and viruses and offers you the latest mail management tools increasing your organizational productivity.

Fossmart Mail Guardian is a low-cost, user friendly complete email protection solution with an integrated set of applications combined with world class open source security tools.

Quarantine Management

  • Can manage their own content filtering settings and maintain their own whitelists and blacklists.
  • List their quarantined spam and viruses, sorted by score or date.
  • Users can rescue quarantined items to have them re-delivered, deleted or confirmed as spam.

  User-Friendly Web Interface

  • Cross-browser support (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire fox or Google Chrome)
  • Graphical toolbars with icons
  • Online help pages for users and administrators
  • Safe mail viewer free from spam and viruses, including image-blocking feature

Effective Management Tools

  • Supports scanning for viruses, spam, banned attachment types and invalid mail headers
  • Makes use of spam monitoring networks
  • Spam filtering rules and virus definitions are updated daily during off peak hours.

  Powerful Administration Tools

  • Can add domain users and configure per-domain defaults.
  • Configurable auto-expiry schedule for neglected quarantined items.
  • Easy to use in-built access control list (ACL) which efficiently controls your email traffic.